The Pendleton County Attorney’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of many different types of offenses that are committed in Pendleton County. Our office has prosecutorial jurisdiction over various cases filed in the Pendleton District Court, Pendleton Family Court and the Juvenile Division of the Pendleton District Court. We prosecute all misdemeanor cases and traffic offenses, including serious traffic offenses such as DUI. This office also conducts preliminary hearings of felony offenses that are initiated in District Court. The County Attorney also prosecutes offenders in juvenile proceedings, and certain city or county ordinance violations.

In an average year approximately 450 new adult misdemeanor cases are filed in District Court. According to records of the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, in 2009, over 900 traffic cases were filed in Pendleton County. An average year will also bring the filing of over 100 felony cases in the District Court. The Juvenile Division of District Court averages almost 100 new cases every year. In addition, juvenile filings in the Pendleton Family Court average over 100 new cases per year.